A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Trixel is a game made in 24 hours for the UWW GAMED Filament Games sponsored game jam.

Theme: Triangles!

This is a falling block puzzle game with triangles! use the arrow keys to move the piece, up arrow key rotates the trixel, down arrow key pushes the trixel down, and spacebar will send the trixel down to the bottom immediately!

Try to fit as many trixels into the giant trixel in the center of the screen as possible. Each trixel fit into the giant trixel will earn you a point. Try to get 100% of the trixel filled up! Click the finish button when you can't fill the trixel anymore and see your results.

Team Members:

Ian Feldschneider - Programmer

Max Mallory - Art

Coni Dowden - Art and Spacebar sound

Megan Eaton - Art

Internet Assets used:

Amon - Trixel placing sound
BBandRage - Music

Tools used:

TinySound - Sound and music library
LWJGL (Lightweight Java Graphics Library) - Graphics library
Hexels - Cool triangle/hexagon vector art app used for the backgrounds
Ian's homemade Processing->LWJGL engine

Install instructions


latest version of offline Java. (this might be why your game doesn't launch)

After downloading, unzip the file and run the "PlayTrixelWindows.bat" file if you use windows, and "PlayTrixelMac.sh" file if you use Mac OS X. You don't run the TriangleTetris.jar file, but if you know how to run jars from the command line (and have Linux for instance...) then go ahead!


Trixel_v1.zip 47 MB

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