A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Generantis is a 2d sidescrolling shoot n' loot dungeon crawler inspired by Path of Exile and Terraria.

Each dungeon holds an array of items for you to choose from.

However, loot from each dungeon isn't just used by your character. Everything about the game is itemized, so maps can be looted, quests, gear, even monsters can be collected as loot.

With the loot you gather, you can place items in a generator to craft a new dungeon with those items in it.

In the final game, many quests will require other items in order to complete, so you'll need to strategically choose the right items for a quest, without compromising the safety of your character's build.

Also, all these items are defined by a collection of sprites, text files, and lua scripts in the itempack folder. For launch, a full collection of documentation will be published so that anyone can add their own items and content to the game.

How to play:

WASD movement

Spacebar jumps, and spacebar in midair will let you fly in the direction you are pressing WASD.

(you need to wear wings and spend stamina to fly)

Hold E to show loot on the ground, which you can click to pick up

Press 1-4 keys to switch to that weapon slot.

Left click fires your selected weapon, right click spends mana to use the special abilities on the weapon.

Z,X,C, and V keys use your potions, which have a cooldown, and can be sped up by killing enemies.

Press I (or Esc key) in the dungeon to open your inventory menu.

Alpha 2.0:

  • reworked a lot of the game to make it more accessible, easier to play, and more enjoyable!
  • dungeons spawn, based on tilesets.
  • each dungeon has a boss.
  • defeating the boss now drops a portal to a menu where you can define a new legendary item of a specific item category.
  • bug fixes
  • a whole lot more!

Alpha 2.0a:

  • Fixed mistake with game not running if it's downloaded on a separate computer.

Alpha 2.1:

  • Added item rarities: Normal (black/gray), Magic (blue), Rare (Yellowish green), Mystic (pinkish purple), and Epic (darker red).
  • Added Monster modifiers, just simple stat boosts like 100% more strength for now.
  • Added diablo-esque monster name plates, with hp and a random monster name.
  • Added aura effects to monsters based on their modifiers.
  • Added tiered procedurally generated name support, currently being used by monsters.
  • Fixed some bugs with legendary wings and quests.
  • Changed the nameplates on loot to match the color with rarity.

Alpha 2.2:

  • Added monster ranks: Put items in the generator to affect monster rank. The average rarity of a monster's gear when they spawn determines their rank. The higher the rank, the better the rewards, but the stronger they are.
  • Re-balanced the game's monster health and stats (monsters are about a third as tanky as they used to be)
  • Perks on quests have been reworked: the character has a power level of 1, and each new perk added to the character increases this level by 1. The level cap is 100, but if the player earns more perks, the oldest perks get replaced one by one, and so on.
  • Added a new quest to experiment with more strategic objectives: "Kill a skilled bird boss in a desert."
  • Improved block diversity in maps, and added a new block type: Crate, when broken drops random items.
  • Added more monster components.
  • Reworked/added some components.
  • Armor no longer has percentage increases to stats, instead they have flat increases to stats (also they seemed to have been implemented wrongly before anyways.)

Alpha 2.2a

  • Attempting to fix game not launching from itch app

Upcoming features:

  • Online Multiplayer (not included in demo)
  • Roguelite elements
  • An in-game guide that acts as a tutorial
  • many more items (demo is bound to a small amount)
  • music


Producer, programmer - Ian Feldschneider ( @ChromeWingDev)

Art and visual design, programmer - Lawrence Granroth (HuttyBlue)

Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL), Kryonet, TinySound, LuaJ, Slick2D.

Install instructions


latest version of offline Java. (this might be why your game doesn't launch)

After downloading, unzip and launch the exe, app or sh file!


Generantis_Alpha_2_2a_Linux.zip 72 MB
Generantis_Alpha_2_2a_Mac.zip 72 MB
Generantis_Alpha_2_2a_Windows.zip 72 MB


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This game looks very entertaining! But I have an issue. I've downloaded the Mac.zip AND the latest version of java. However, after I've unzipped the file and tried to start up Generatis, the game will not launch at all. Please help?

This looks like a fantastic game! But even though I have downloaded the latest Offline Java whenever I open the .exe it extracts files and then does nothing afterwords. Help?

Hi, sorry for not seeing this, if you make a text file in the game's folder and save it as a .bat file with this in it:

start java -Djava.library.path="./windows/" -jar "Generantis.jar"

It would run the game using your default JVM options. The reason why there are JVM options in place in the current version is to reduce lagspikes and improve performance. Hopefully that works, and I'll probably end up including a batch script in every release so that there's a plan B (and also fine tuning the JVM options.)