A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Battle Buffet is a game made for an Artificial Intelligence project.

Click the foods for the corresponding points added to your score, but watch out! If it's rotten, you lose that many points! Play against the AI which uses MinMax search algorithms and searches for probability of the food being rotten using a bayesian heuristic.

there are 4 columns of food, with the bottom food being the ones you can pick from.

the four columns are cooked by 4 chefs, with their identities unknown to both you and the AI.

  • 1 good cook - all 3 foods are good.
  • 2 average cooks - 1 of the foods is rotten.
  • 1 bad cook - only one food is good.

Because the water gives you 0 points, it's a good tactic to drink it when you aren't sure who's the good cook or bad cook, and also has the lowest risk if it's rotten.

Whoever gets the higher score when all the food is eaten wins!

Programmer - Ian Feldschneider

Artist - Brandon Korth

Designer - Orrin Oliver

Sounds - Nick Goode

Install instructions


latest version of offline Java. (this might be why your game doesn't launch)

After downloading, unzip the file and run the "PlayBattleBuffetWindows.bat" file if you use windows, and "PlayBattleBuffetMac.sh" file if you use Mac OS X. You don't run the BattleBuffetAI.jar file, but if you know how to run jars from the command line (and have Linux for instance...) then go ahead!


battlebuffet_V1.zip 8 MB